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Workouts For Strength That Work

Finally women understand that using Workouts For Strength will make their body toned. That no matter how much weight they lift daily, they will never gain muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s start with the word “toned.” The dictionary tells us that the term toned “implies leanness in the body, noticeable muscle definition and shape, but not significant muscle size.”

By definition, ‘muscle tone’ equals ‘defined musculature’. IT DOES NOT MEAN significant muscle size. We want our muscles to show, but we don’t want them to be big. We achieve that by removing the substance that covers our muscles; body fat. The only way to allow your muscles to show without increasing their size is to reduce our body fat level.

As a woman, you should not be afraid to use workouts for strength; it not only makes you more shapely but also lowers fat in the body. What’s more, your body develops resistance during training and helps prevent injuries.

TIP: If you want to attain maximum results, go for heavier weights. This means you get more effect with fewer lifts. Heavyweights engage more fibers of the muscles leading to endurance and strength improvement. When using workouts for strength, you should go for between 1 and 3 sets with repetitions ranging from 4 to 8.

Sample Exercises To Use In Your Workouts For Strength

Exercises to help you gain strength must be done with a lot of care. If you are a beginner in weight lifting, get help from a professional trainer. If the weights are not lifted correctly, they can be dangerous.

Start by warming up using a stationary bike, elliptical machine or just walking. This light cardio should not take more than 15 minutes. In between the work out sessions, take time to cool down and stretch. This allows your body to stay free of pain.

What’s more, avoid doing a lot of exercises in a single session. Take about four weeks of exercising before you increase the weights. Below are some exercises to use in your workouts for strength.

Bench Step-up

Bicep-Curl Combined Shoulder-Press

Dead-lift Combined With a Reverse Lunge

Butt Blaster

Barbell Row


These are just a few of the many exercise that workouts for strength can utilize. Remember to increase the intensity of your work out as the body gets used to various exercises and stay hydrated all the time.

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