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Keto Pasta Recipes to Try – Our 10 Favorites

Keto Diet Recipes Noodles

A little about Keto first and then our 10 Keto Pasta Recipes List to Try. A Keto Diet is always low-carb, high in fat and offers many different health benefits. 20 studies have shown the Keto Diet will not only help you lose more weight but will also improve your overall health as well. The Keto Diet studies have shown that the diet may also aid in diabetes, epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Below you will find 10 of our favorite pasta recipes to get you started. You will eat many of the same dishes but prepared differently and with ingredient substitutes.

What Is A Keto Diet

The diet is similar to both Low-Carb and Atkins diets but with subtle differences that make it a healthier alternative to Atkins. It involves making major diet changes to reduce the number of carbs you eat and using healthy fats as alternatives. These changes will make your body begin a metabolic change and you will arrive in a state called Ketosis.

When this begins your body will become a raging fat-burning machine using those fats for energy and causing a major loss in fat from your body. An added benefit is the fat in the liver is turned to ketones aiding in brain energy supplies. You can also see a reduction in blood sugar as well. These are just a few reasons that you should consider Keto. So let’s get started cooking some great Pasta.

Our 10 Favorite Keto Pasta Recipes to Try

5-Minute Keto Pizza Recipe

Today’s keto and pizza recipe can go hand in hand (just take a peek at this Pepperoni Pizza:… ), but it’s usually a timely process and takes some preparation. Now, you can have your pizza and eat it too – in under 5 minutes!

View the full recipe at Ruled Me

How To Make Keto Pasta

Tired of zucchini noodles? Are konjac noodles too expensive? Satisfy your pasta cravings with this simple, easy recipe! This keto pasta not only has the perfect macros for a ketogenic diet, but it also mimics the texture and taste of fresh pasta. This keto pasta is going to help you stick to your goals and enjoy your favorite comfort foods! Next time you need pasta, try these keto noodles!

*Note* depending on your husk powder, the noodles can look a bit purple/gray after cooking. Different brands of husk powder experience it differently. They are still perfectly fine to eat and taste the same. I’ve noticed that cooking it in butter instead of boiling cuts down the color changing effect slightly if it bothers you.

View the full recipe at Black Sheep Keto

Keto Ravioli Recipe

A homemade keto ravioli recipe. An easy tutorial for how to make keto ravioli dough plus a delicious and strong filling that will satisfy your pasta cravings. Low carb, gluten grain, and sugar-free.

I actually really liked this recipe. It may seem a bit tedious, but it really hits the spot and let’s be honest, if you’re going to make keto pasta, it will be a bit of hard work. The recipe, however, while may take some time, is actually fairly easy and straightforward to follow. I think even the most novice of cooks will be able to make these kinds of ravioli!

View the full recipe at The Hungary Elephant

Keto Diet Recipe – Spaghetti Bake

Bolognese sauce is a basic, but mighty, meat-based sauce that is typically used for pasta and lasagna. The secret to a delicious bolognese is a seriously long cook time and just the right temperature.

My recipe is relatively easy with just a few spices, and Rao’s tomato sauce. If you cannot find Rao’s, then look for a pasta sauce that is free from added sugar. While I’m calling for the marinara, I’ve also tested this recipe with their cheese flavor and it was equally as delicious!

Instead of asking you to stand watch over a bolognese for several hours, we’re going to make things easier by transferring the sauce to a slow cooker. It’s best to start in the morning so that your sauce is ready before dinner time, but you can make a batch the day before and store it in the fridge until the next day. Once the sauce is ready – the casserole is a breeze! It will only take a few minutes to put together. If you want to tell everyone that you spent the whole day slaving over this bolognese – well, I’ll keep your secret!

By the way, the bolognese freezes well. Make a double, or triple, batch and you can have bolognese on hand any time you’d like. This is a great Keto Diet Recipe for prep day.

View the full recipe at Ruled Me

Keto Carbonara

Carbonara pasta is such an easy keto recipe, super creamy, and such an easy family dinner as a substitute for normal pasta (or eaten in combination with your family). It’s so easy and tastes like you’ve just visited an Italian home in the hills of Tuscany. Pure Deliciousness.

View the full recipe at Fat For Weightloss

Keto One-Pot Shrimp Alfredo Recipe

There is no better comfort food than a creamy and decadent cheese sauce with rich bits of salty cheese. It’s true, alfredo sauce just cannot be topped…but it certainly can be improved upon, simplified.  It just takes a few minor adjustments and some quick-cooking tips to make this one-pot shrimp Alfredo! Try this it is one of Keto Pasta Recipes.

View the full recipe at Ruled Me

How to Make Real Cacio e Pepe Keto Pasta

This is how to make real ‘Cacio e Pepe’, the classic Roman pasta dish. ‘Cacio e Pepe’ is one of the simplest pasta dishes to make but it can be a bit tricky. I’m going to show you the real, authentic way to make ‘Cacio e Pepe’ the right way.

View the full recipe at Not Another Cooking Show

Keto Diet Recipe – Creamy Spinach Alfredo Zucchini Rolls

I love traditional lasagna as much as the next person, but my love for a rich and creamy white sauce is greater! This dish takes a typical low carb zucchini lasagna roll and kicks it up a creamy notch with sundried tomato alfredo sauce and a spinach and ricotta filling.

View the full recipe at Ruled Me

Keto Chicken Dumplings – Great Keto Pasta Recipe

They go by many names and are one of my favorite Keto Pasta Recipes. Minced meat encased in a wrapper, generally made from some kind of flour. Perhaps you know them as potstickers, maybe momos, dim sum, dumplings, there are many names for them and they make for some good eating. It’s time to turn these potstickers into a Keto delight

View the full recipe at Headbangers Kitchen

Low Carb Keto Pasta Recipe: Pasta Alfredo With Sausage

Fat Bomb Pasta!

Every once in a while I come up with an idea that I just can’t let go and this is one of my favorite Keto Pasta Recipes. Megha hates when this happens because no matter how much resistance she puts up I won’t take no for an answer! This low carb pasta dish has been in my mind for months now and I’ve been patiently waiting for the opportunity to make it. Finally, that opportunity came and I took full advantage of it. This low carb Keto Pasta Recipe dish is one of my favorite dishes and I even got Megha to admit that it was a really good dish.

View the full recipe at Keto Connect

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