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Agility Ladder Drills That Burn Massive Calories

Woman jumping from square to square using Agility Ladder Drills

If you are looking for something new to take your work out routine to the next level then look no further than agility ladder drills. There are so many great reasons why you should try these quick-paced drills, get your heart rate up and burn off those calories.

On top of that agility ladder drills are a perfect complement to any other work out routines you may already be doing, so don’t stop them, just add the agility ladder drills to your work out. The three main areas that these drills work on are our speed, agility, and overall fitness while at the same time strengthening your tendons, ligaments, and joints.

First, let us take a look at the main benefits of this training before we go through the 11 agility amazing ladder drills.

Benefits of Agility Ladder Drills

1. Improves Speed, Agility, and Quickness

Agility ladder drills are an excellent form of cross-training as they develop multiple areas of your health, all of which are extremely transferable to both your life and other physical activities, including sports.

These drills will develop your ability to move in one direction faster (Speed); while supercharge your ability to change directions at speed and with confidence (Agility), and improve your ability to react and switch positions (Quickness).

2. Great for Heart Health

Keeping your heart healthy is essential to maintaining your overall fitness. Agility ladder drills are a superb cardiovascular workout. The CDC recommends that you get at least 150 minutes per week of good cardiovascular workout time and taking on the agility ladder drills is a great way to hit that target! Doing good cardiovascular workouts massively reduces your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and gout.

3. Burns Tons of Calories

Agility ladder training is considered to be a high-intensity type of interval training and as a result, they reduce fat in less time. The intensive short bursts, or ‘going all out’ for short bursts, between pauses to catch your breath and rest, is a much more efficient way or burning calories than lower intensity longer workouts.

4. Keeps You Mentally Sharp

It is scientifically proven that good cardiovascular workouts help to improve memory and thinking skills. The brain, like any part of the body, needs good blood flow to retain its youthful health and to continue serving you well into old age. The agility ladder drills require focus, concentration, balance, and coordination; meaning that you are connecting your mind with your body. This connection will improve your cognitive functions as well as your daily life, and you’ll begin to notice the results very quickly.

5. It’s FUN

If you want something fun and exciting then the agility ladder drills are for you! The high-intensity bursts and changes make this a challenging and stimulating work out and you’ll soon be looking forward to your workout times. You can do the drills almost anywhere and another great bonus is that kids love it! So, if you do have children why not get them involved with your workout routine, improving their health today, while also teaching them good habits for later life.

11 Agility Ladder Drills To Try Today

Put together, these 11 agility ladder drills make up one kick-butt workout. This workout is considered a High-Intensity Interval Training workout because it requires you to expend all-out effort for short bursts of time and then take a short rest.

Here’s what you do:

Perform each drill two times in a row. Move down the ladder, shuffle back to the beginning of the ladder again and do it one more time. Do that for each of the 11 drills. Take a rest to catch your breath and then repeat all 11 again!

1. Single Foot In Each Square
2. Two Feet In Each Square
3. Lateral Stepping
Two feet in each square
4. Jumping Jack Feet
Two feet jump together in a square, then jump out while moving down the ladder
5. In – In Out – Out
6. Lateral Carioca
Grapevine as you move across the ladder; do each side and lead with right then left
7. Cross-Overs
One foot crosses front and steps in the square; two feet step to the side and then keep repeating, keeping one foot in the square, two feet on the side
8. Icky Shuffle
Two feet step in a square; one foot to the outside
9. Single Foot Hops
Do right, then left
10. Side Shuffle
Inside foot moves in and out of each box while the outside foot is keeping pace with an alternate step
11. Walking Push-ups
In each square as you move laterally down the ladder

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