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It does not matter whether you are an everyday gym rat or if you are just thinking you need to do a little more. You have just found us through Google, Pinterest or Facebook and want to start a fitness regimen but you need some help and support. Our mission and this website are to help you meet your goals through clean, healthy living and physical training programs.

We are John and Laurel Rodgers and have been in and out of the fitness training business for years now. We specialize in a tailored approach to fitness. Our fitness programs are designed for the individual taking into consideration your age, fitness abilities, and your current program.

We have run the gamut of good and bad fitness cycles. And the bad cycles can be devastating to your health. The seesaw diets, the constant stop & start fitness regimens all do more harm than just never starting. We are here to help you start, finish, and succeed.  Also providing ongoing support so you do not fall back into the same rut you were in before.

We found that all processed foods and in general most food in the United States is just not healthy. In particular, meat products and derivatives (such as milk and cheese) can be bad. The food and especially animal products are all grown using fast-growth hormones. Even the vegetables you think are safe are almost all genetically modified.

This is not allowed in other countries. They have banned the use of GM foods. So, in the U.S., the only option for you is to go totally organic from hand-picked organic farmers you know and trust in your own areas.

Taking these small beginner steps will lead to better food absorption, more natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and give you a solid base and the energy to meet your fitness goals. We want to work hand in hand with you to develop a healthier lifestyle that will generate success in health and in life.

What we believe and know will work for you are a healthy diet and workout regimen. They will help you sleep better, gain energy, lose fat and enjoy a longer and fuller life. You probably do not know how to start the process but we do and we are here to help you step by step.

If you hear someone says that they feel like they were hit by a bus every day around 2:00 p.m., THIS IS NOT NORMAL. We don’t have to accept feeling tired and achy day after day. We have choices about what we eat and how much we are active. That is what you need to learn and incorporate into your NEW LIFESTYLE.


• If you continue along the same destructive path you are on, nothing will change (except maybe you will get worse).

• You are successful at losing weight, not by dieting alone. Your success will come from wholesome, healthy foods and a better understanding of what to eat – when to eat – and how to prepare your food. MOVE! Getting off the couch is a must!

• Start by taking small steps. They will send you on a huge journey. Small attainable goals that you can conquer every day will only make you want to set your goals higher tomorrow.

• A healthy mind is key to having a healthy body and both Yoga and Mediation are key components to all of our programs.

Read our informative blog, contact us through our Facebook Page or Hot Bod Zone. Join our Facebook group and meet others interested in conquering their weight and fitness challenges. We can all work together to create a happier, healthier and more meaningful life for us and our loved ones.

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