20 Best Keto Seafood Recipes Done In 20 Minutes

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20 Best Keto Seafood Recipes Done In 20 Minutes

There’s no stopping the keto diet, especially now that New Year’s resolution season is in full swing. If you’ve decided to commit to the high-fat, very-low-carb plan after hearing about its touted perks — a sharper memory, less brain fog, more energy, stabilized blood sugar, or most common, quick weight loss — there are a few things you need to know first. One of those is that seafood provides some great Keto Seafood Recipes.

Because it lacks carbohydrates, Keto Seafood Recipes are diet rich in proteins It typically includes plenty of meats, eggs, processed meats, sausages, cheeses, fish, nuts, butter, oils, seeds, and fibrous vegetables. Because it is so restrictive, it is really hard to follow in the long run. Carbohydrates normally account for at least 50% of the typical American diet.

One of the main criticisms of this diet is that many people tend to eat too much protein and poor-quality fats from processed foods, with very few fruits and vegetables. Patients with kidney disease need to be cautious because this diet could worsen their condition. Additionally, some patients may feel a little tired in the beginning, while some may have bad breath, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and sleep problems.

The Best Seafood for the Keto Diet

All seafood is good including shellfish. The ways to prepare Keto Seafood Recipes are endless. It is important to eat wild fish as opposed to farmed fish. Most seafood is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which have a marked impact on your general health, but especially on the health of your cardiovascular system. They lower the risk of heart disease & stroke as well as helping to reduce triglycerides levels, lower blood pressure as well as raising HDL (the “good”) cholesterol levels.

Salmon as long as they are the wild variety and not farmed are especially good because they contain fats that are high in Omega 3’s. King salmon contain the highest levels of omega 3’s. Canned Salmon contains less Omega 3 fats than fresh, but it is still high in nutrients. Smoked Salmon is also good and eaten with eggs for breakfast is an excellent Keto option!

5 Fast Facts About Some Keto Seafood Recipes

“Most people’s expectations are to lose weight with this diet. However, whether this is a sustainable strategy has yet to be determined. I advocate for whole health and taking care of all aspects of it, not just dropping weight,” says Colin Zhu, DO, a family physician who specializes in lifestyle medicine.

1. Burning Fat

On most diets, the body uses glucose as its primary energy source. The ketogenic diet essentially forces the body to use fat as its main source of energy instead. It does this by mimicking a state of starvation where the body breaks down fat stores and converts them into ketones through a biochemical process called ketosis.

2. Reaching Ketosis

Generally speaking, the ketogenic diet is composed of 70-75 percent fat, 20-25 percent protein, and 5-10 percent carbohydrates. This strict formula is the key to ensuring a person enters the metabolic state of ketosis, which isn’t necessarily easy. In fact, reaching and maintaining ketosis can be exceptionally challenging for many people and requires diligence and planning.

Newbies to the keto diet may experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, brain fog, nausea, and irritability, says Dr. Zhu. This is sometimes referred to as “the keto flu.” These side effects generally go away after several weeks once someone becomes “keto-adapted.”

3. Nuts and Bolts

Foods to be limited on the ketogenic diet include whole grains; beans and legumes; starchy vegetables like yams and potatoes; high-carbohydrate fruits like apples, oranges, and bananas; alcohol; sugar; and low-fat dairy products. The keto diet does promote eating meat from various sources, as well as eggs, fish, avocados, coconut and olive oils, and non-starchy vegetables.

4. The Good

Beyond weight loss, the ketogenic diet has been in use for conditions like epilepsy since the 1920s and obesity treatment since the 1960s.“ The keto diet really alters energy metabolism in the brain, so that’s why it’s thought to stabilize the functions of the neurons exposed to seizures in people with epilepsy,” says Junella Chin, DO, who uses the keto diet as a tool for treating children with intractable epilepsy in her integrative medical practice. “It helps children with seizures decrease their episodes and shorten their recovery time from seizures.”

The keto diet has also been implicated for therapeutic use in chronic diseases such as heart disease, neurological conditions, polycystic ovary syndrome, and cancer. There’s also limited evidence that insulin sensitivity improves on the diet, which bodes well for managing diabetes.

5. The Bad

The downside of a ketogenic diet is that there is no well-established evidence to support its sustainability on a long-term basis, and further well-controlled trials are recommended, says Dr. Zhu. Recent research published by The Lancet found that restricting carbs and replacing them with animal-based protein and fat could lead to a shorter lifespan.

For children with epilepsy, the biggest challenge of the keto diet is compliance, says Dr. Chin. “We struggle with compliance with kids and then parents because, of course, parents need to be on board too. And constipation can be a really big side effect that deters compliance.”


1. Easy Keto Manhattan Clam Chowder Recipe

1 Easy Manhattan Clam Chowder Recipe

Easy Keto Manhattan Clam Chowder Recipe
This Keto Seafood Recipes dis is perfectly hearty and easy Manhattan Clam Chowder recipe uses celery root instead of potatoes to keep it flavorful and low carb. Keep yourself warm this season with this fabulous gourmet soup. There’s much controversy surrounding Manhattan clam chowder; people either love it or hate it. I personally love it. Those who don’t care for it often prefer New England style clam chowder, which is a cream soup consisting of clams, milk, and potatoes. As I previously said I love Manhattan clam chowder because it’s nice tomatoey broth tickles my Italian heritage and its the ease of preparation makes it perfect for weeknight dinner-time. Although I say it’s tomato-based broth appeals to the 2-drops of Italian in me, I did some sleuthing and discovered that this shellfish soup was most likely developed by Portuguese immigrants who were already preparing tomato-based fish stew at home. Portuguese fish stew anyone?
Check out this recipe


2. Keto Shrimp Recipe with Garlic Butter and Cauliflower Rice

2 Low Carb Shrimp Recipe with Garlic Butter and Cauliflower Rice

Keto Shrimp Recipe with Garlic Butter and Cauliflower Rice
This Low Carb Shrimp Recipe is an easy sheet pan meal that can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. That makes this a low carb 30-minute meal! Just last week I posted 30 low carb 30-minute meals…check it out! This yummy low carb shrimp recipe hits all of the high notes on flavor. It’s got shrimp…yaaas! It’s got butter…double yaaas! Cauliflower…oh heck yes! Garlic…come to mama! These sheet pan dinners are all the rage right now, and I can definitely see why. I could have easily made this in a skillet, but who wants to babysit a skillet for 15 minutes when I can just throw everything on a sheet pan and stick it in the oven? Not this girl!
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3. Keto “Gumbalaya”

3 Keto “Gumbalaya” - keto seafood Recipes

Keto “Gumbalaya”
Check out this recipe


4. East Keto Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

4 East Keto Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

East Keto Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner
This easy Cajun shrimp & chicken sheet pan dinner is packed with flavor and low carb too! It like jambalaya made into a sheet pan dinner with chicken, shrimp, sausage, and vegetables dressed in Cajun spices! I don’t know about you but I love a one-pan meal. I rarely make a sheet pan dinner but I’m intrigued with them. That’s when I thought this low carb Cajun shrimp & chicken sheet pan dinner would work perfectly. There are shrimp, chicken, and sausage mixed with lots of colorful vegetables and Cajun spices. Pop them in the oven and dinner is ready!
Check out this recipe


5. Keto Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

5 Keto Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Shrimp

Keto Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Shrimp
Today’s Keto Seafood Recipes delish is a super easy bacon-wrapped shrimp recipe which takes roughly 20 minutes to make. Furthermore, it’s Keto, so if you’re on a low-carb diet then this is perfect for you. And that’s not all … This easy bacon-wrapped shrimp recipe is also Paleo and Whole30 because I made it with sugar-free and additive-free bacon. If you want to make it Paleo and Whole30 as well, take a close look at the ingredients list when getting your bacon. It should contain just pork, salt, and maybe some seasonings; nothing else! No nitrates, MSG, or any other unapproved additives.
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6. Easy Jalapeño Shrimp Veggie Bake

6 Easy Jalapeño Shrimp Veggie Bake - keto seafood Recipes

Easy Jalapeño Shrimp Veggie Bake
This veggie bake with jalapeno shrimp is low carb, grain-free, and an easy recipe you can make in under an hour! Seasonal vegetables, lean protein, herbs, and spices, all cooked in a casserole dish or cast-iron skillet. A better for you gluten-free and grain-free casserole with shrimp and veggies! This meal is a total crowd-pleaser.
Check out this recipe


7. Easy Cajun Trinity Keto Crab Cakes

7 Easy Cajun Trinity Keto Crab Cakes

Easy Cajun Trinity Keto Crab Cakes
These Keto Seafood Recipes Crab Cakes are a low carb nod to one of my favorite cities in the world – New Orleans! So, I felt it was only fitting to make sure they included the Cajun Holy Trinity – onions, celery, and bell pepper. Loaded with lump crab meat, these low carb crab cakes are perfectly crispy and juicy at the same time. Before I made this recipe, I was on the hunt for a good keto crab cake and I just wasn’t able to find one. SO, I just made my own! Not only are these keto crab cakes perfectly high in fat and low in carbs, but they are also gluten-free. Instead of using breadcrumbs or panko like a traditional crab cake might call for, I made these with crushed pork rinds.
Check out this recipe


8. Garlic Shrimp Asparagus Skillet

8 Garlic Shrimp Asparagus Skillet

Garlic Shrimp Asparagus Skillet
This is one of my favourite skillet recipes. I have lots of one-pan meals that are absolutely delicious, such as Chimichurri Chicken Green Beans Skillet, Mushroom Cauliflower “Rice” Skillet, Ground Turkey Skillet with Green Beans, Mediterranean Chicken Skillet, Shrimp Vegetable Skillet, and the most popular recipe on the blog Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet. They are all one-pan meals that take less than 25 minutes to complete and serve 4 people. Also, all these recipes are great as leftovers, too. It’s always a plus, right?
Check out this recipe


9. Keto Shrimp Pad Thai

9 Keto Shrimp Pad Thai - keto seafood Recipes

Keto Shrimp Pad Thai
If you have ever been to Thailand you have probably had this delicious street food dish. I am pretty much addicted to it but had to find a way to make it so I love it and maintain a keto balance. This is the best recipe I have found.
Check out this recipe


10. Keto Coconut Shrimp

10 Keto Coconut Shrimp - keto seafood Recipes

Keto Coconut Shrimp
This is a really clever Keto Seafood Recipes dish that uses coconut cream and shredded coconut to form the ‘grits’, allowing you to enjoy this staple without the corn. This is a low carb dish that would be ideal for lunch as it takes fifteen minutes to make but is full of flavor. Shrimp is a great source of protein and the flavor is enhanced with the addition of the bacon pieces.
Check out this recipe

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11. Pan-Seared Scallops w Bacon Cream Sauce

11 Pan Seared Scallops w Bacon Cream Sauce

Pan-Seared Scallops w Bacon Cream Sauce
Pan-Seared Scallops with Bacon Cream Sauce are cooked perfectly, then served up on a bed of that dreamy bacon-packed sauce… If you are looking to impress anyone with your skills in the kitchen, this is the one dish that’ll steal their hearts every single time.
Check out this recipe


12. Spicy Crab Stuffed Avocado California Style

12 Spicy Crab Stuffed Avocado California Style - keto seafood Recipes

Spicy Crab Stuffed Avocado California Style
All the flavors in a Spicy California roll without the rice! These spicy Crab Stuffed Avocados are filled with lump crab, cucumbers, and spicy mayo topped with furikake and drizzled with soy sauce.
Check out this recipe


13. Low-Carb Roasted Asian Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts Sheet Pan Meal

13 Low-Carb Roasted Asian Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts Sheet Pan Meal

Low-Carb Roasted Asian Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts Sheet Pan Meal
We loved this Low-Carb Roasted Asian Shrimp and Brussels Sprouts Sheet Pan Meal, and this tasty dinner idea is so easy to make!
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14. Low Carb Crab Cakes w Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

14 Low Carb Crab Cakes w Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Low Carb Crab Cakes w Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
It is composed of crab meat and various other ingredients, such as bread crumbs, mayonnaise, mustard (typically prepared mustard, but sometimes mustard powder), eggs, and seasonings, particularly the cake is then sautéed, baked, grilled, deep-fried, or broiled.
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15. Garlic Butter Shrimp in 10 Minutes

15 Garlic Butter Shrimp in 10 Minutes - keto seafood Recipes

Garlic Butter Shrimp in 10 Minutes
Garlic Butter Shrimp – This Keto Seafood Recipes dish is quick and easy garlic butter shrimp recipe is an amazing flavor combination of garlicky, buttery goodness. Shrimp is tossed in an easy garlic and lemon sauce. On your table in under 10 minutes or less, this is the perfect quick dinner or appetizer!
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16. Keto Creole Shrimp Stuffed Avocado

16 Keto Creole Shrimp Stuffed Avocado

Keto Creole Shrimp Stuffed Avocado
Light and lean doesn’t always mean low fat or unsatisfying. Along the same lines, ketogenic meals don’t have to consist of bland slabs of fatty meat. Today’s Keto Creole Shrimp Stuffed Avocado recipe feels light and perky for summer, but fits neatly into the ketogenic diet… So you can feel light for summer.
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17. Keto Thai Shrimp Spring Rolls

17 Keto Thai Shrimp Spring Rolls

Keto Thai Shrimp Spring Rolls
These easy low carb Thai shrimp spring rolls can be made in minutes! Using collard green leaves as the wrap and filling with shrimp and tasty colorful vegetables. Each roll is only 5.7g net carbs!
Check out this recipe


18. Garlic Butter Shrimp w Asparagus

18 Garlic Butter Shrimp w Asparagus

Garlic Butter Shrimp w Asparagus
Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp with Asparagus – So much flavor and so easy to throw together, these garlic butter shrimp cook very quickly! Flavorful, juicy shrimp team up with fork-tender asparagus in this easy one-pan meal. The shrimp and asparagus get extra flavor from a simple sauce of lemon juice, butter, herbs, and garlic that also add little moisture to this wonderful dish. Low-carb, gluten-free, Whole30, and paleo-friendly! Ready in 20 minutes or less, this shrimp recipe with asparagus cooks in one pan and will make all of your family go crazy! A heavy-duty cast-iron skillet works best for this dish; you can find one at good kitchen supply stores or order online. If you’re feeding an extra hungry group, serve with cauliflower rice or wild rice.
Check out this recipe


19. Low Carb Bang Bang Shrimp with Asian Slaw

19 Low Carb Bang Bang Shrimp with Asian Slaw

Low Carb Bang Bang Shrimp with Asian Slaw
An easy and delicious dinner recipe. It doesn’t get much easier or more delicious than this low carb bang Bang Bang Shrimp recipe either. I like to keep already peeled and deveined shrimp in the freezer for situations like this, which costs a little more but saves all that tedious work of doing it yourself. Then you just run it under cold water to thaw it, toss it in the coating, and fry it up which only takes a couple of short minutes!

If you’re really looking to get dinner on the table fast, you can get the pre-bagged slaw mix and save yourself some chopping – and avoid likely maiming yourself in the process if you’re in full-on sleepwalker mode like I am today.
Check out this recipe


20. Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs

20 Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs

Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs
These Low Carb Bacon Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs are a small snack that’s High in Fat and Low in Carbs. You can have them as a Quick Breakfast, or Mid-Afternoon Snack, as a Pre- or After- Workout Snack or a Delicious Keto Appetizer or Side Dish. If you haven’t heard of The ketogenic diet (often called keto), it’s a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares similarities to paleo, Whole30, and Atkins. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. When in ketosis, your body switches to burning fat for its primary fuel source. On Keto, you’re supposed to get at least 70 percent of your calories from fat, 15 to 25 percent from Protein, and 10 percent from Carbohydrates. You should avoid all grains, legumes, root vegetables, fruit, (except berries) and sugar.
Check out this recipe

That concludes our top 20 Keto Seafood Recipes post. Please be kind and share any feedback if you use one of these recipes. Our readers always love your thoughts and any tweaks you found helpful to the original recipe.

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