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2 Great Styles – Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss

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Introduction: Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: they may seem like similar exercises to those who have not tried both, they are actually very different. The question of Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: Which is Best is asked in studios and fitness classes every day.

While it’s true that both exercises do have both physical and mental benefits, the exercises themselves are very different. Some individuals have found that one type of exercise regimen may work better and suit their needs more than the other.

In the following article, we will be going over the benefits and differences of each, and let you decide which one is the one for you, that fits in with your lifestyle.

We will do our best to outline the benefits and differences of Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss, however, keep in mind that there are multiple exercises to each brand, and doing a simple side by side comparison will not outlay all the benefits of both.

When it comes to Yoga vs Pilates, there is a lot to cover and think about before deciding which modality is right for you.

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: The Origins


Each modality has a rich history, although Yoga is significantly older. As far as we know, this practice started over 5,000 years ago in India. Some researchers, however, do believe that Yoga can be as old as 10,000 years; it is hard to pinpoint the exact age, due to the fact that there are ancient texts that are difficult to decipher.

As such, much of the practice of Yoga has been passed down through word of mouth.

As far as we know, the first physical mention of Yoga was in the ancient texts of the Veda’s. These texts contained songs and mantras to be used by the Vedic priests; or as we know them today, the Brahmans. Yoga is rooted in the Hindu faith, whereas Pilates has no religious affiliation.

As time went by, Yoga began to evolve into the poses and mantras that we use today. That is not to say that it’s fundamental practice has completely changed, as the root of what Yoga is has remained the same.


As you can imagine, Pilates is a much newer practice and was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Not having religious attributes or roots, Pilates was designed with professional dancers in mind and focuses on strengthening rather than centering.

That is not meant to say that Yoga does not have strengthening or physical attributes, but is more focused on the mental stability and center.

Both Yoga and Pilates incorporate breathing into their core practice, but Yoga vs Pilates does not place any benefit correlating between breathing and spirituality. The philosophy of breathing in Pilates simply comes from the belief that it can help us in our daily life and routine.

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: What Are the Main Differences?

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: you may be wondering what the main differences are. They can vary, as there are many different factors involved, such as what style of Yoga you are practicing; or how you Pilates instructor teaches their classes.

For Yoga, as with training your muscles, there are different postures that each class will focus on; each with different focuses on different muscle groups. Generally speaking, each Yoga class with the focus on the mantras and your breathing practices.

Yoga instructors that are true to the traditional practice will also explain how each breathing technique and posture can help to open your chakras.

That is not to say that there is not a muscle-building attribute to Yoga; as you practice each posture and stretch you will notice how you are using your own body weight to train and strengthen your muscles. Yoga is a good balance of strength training, centering, and mental focus.

That being said when someone asks the question of Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss:

Which is Best then Pilates exercises are more focused on strength building, particularly your core strength; this is due to the fact that any dancer will need a strong core in order to perform the necessary steps involved in the dance. Both practices will focus on flexibility and strength, in conjuncture with breathing exercises.

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: The Health Benefits

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: both have many health benefits, and you can expect strength and flexibility to be at the top of the list. That does not mean that there are no other benefits, and in the section below we will go over the top benefits for both Yoga and Pilates.


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Increased muscle strength and tone, flexibility, respiration, energy, and vitality. Yoga is great at not only helping to strengthen your muscles but also to increase your cardio vitality and energy.

Using the breathing techniques found in Yoga will also help to reduce your stress levels, and in some cases, individuals have reported that it also helps when used as a coping mechanism.

Sometimes we just need to take a few deep breaths to reduce our anxiety and continue about our day.

Helps to maintain a good metabolism and lose weight

This practice also helps to maintain your weight, but building muscle and maintaining a good metabolism level. Both of these factors are important in not only losing the unwanted weight but also keeping it off. When used with cardio and a healthy diet, this is an effective weight-loss method that will keep the weight from coming back.

Aids in circulation and a great cardio training modality

Yoga is also excellent for cardio, circulation, and endurance. The breathing exercises and posturing that are at the core of yoga will improve your athletic performance by increasing your endurance and vitality. Increasing your circulation will also increase blood flow, and as such allows more blood to pump from your heart to other vital organs.

This is also great for cardio, as it uses the necessary muscles that are involved in other exercise routines.

The benefits in Yoga are not only physical but mental and physical as well. This is what attracts so many to the practice; as humans, we are constantly seeking a balance in our personal lives, and searching for our spiritual purpose. Yoga aids in relaxation will increase your endorphins; making you happier and center yourself.


As mentioned above, Pilates does focus more on the physical rather than the mental or physical. That is not to say that there are fewer benefits, they are just different and focus more on one aspect. Because Pilates was developed for dancers, the main focus will be on correct form, flexibility, and balance.

This practice is especially great for preventing injuries and increasing your overall strength. The top benefits of Pilates are listed below:

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: Gaining lean muscle and flexibility

When thinking about a dancer’s physique, we do typically think of long, lean muscles and the flexibility needed to perform the necessary dance steps. This is one of the core beliefs of Pilates, and this modality will work to aid in this physique.

Benefits the core muscles and promotes a flat stomach with a strong back

Pilates is also great at increasing the strength in your core, tightening your stomach muscles, and gaining strength in your back. All of these attributes are ones that professional dancers must have, in addition to flexibility.

Connects your body and mind through breathing

Similar to Yoga but not as focused on, Pilates teaches you how to connect your mind and body through breathing exercises. As stated above, this will help you in your daily life to accomplish what you need to, and aid in reducing stress and anxiety.

While Pilates may not focus on breathing as much as Yoga, there is still a fair amount; you will be surprised how much this can benefit you in your daily life.

Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: Which One Should I Practice?

The short answer is: you would benefit most from incorporating both of these practices into your exercise regime. Because they are so different, your body can greatly benefit from the health and mental attributes of both Yoga and Pilates.

There are different types of exercise routines and classes for both, and finding one or two that suit your personal needs or goals is the ideal practice.

Keep in mind what you are aiming to accomplish from your workout routine, and feel free to ask questions and be honest with what you hope to achieve from your instructor. There are many different types of Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss exercises for both, and the bottom line if finding one that you feel is best for you and your body.

Conclusion: Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss

If you are seeking to develop your spiritual self, then the obvious answer is Yoga. Not only will this help in that regard, but you can also benefit from the strength building and centering aspects as well. Pilates is more suited for those who solely are looking for physical gains, but to reiterate, the best way to benefit is to incorporate both into your lifestyle.

When asking the question Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss: Which is best there is no right or wrong answer.

If still wondering which is best suited for your lifestyle, Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss, our advice is to go out and find a good reputable instructor for one of the modalities (or both) and see how you feel about it. Make sure to listen to your body as you try these practices, and get a feel for the vibe in the room.

Most classes will offer a discount for those who want to try it, and it may take a little looking around but this would be the best practice.

Should you really want to use either of the two practices Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss you should do both. There really is not vs in the question, you can do either or both but, both will benefit you even more.

We hope this article on Yoga vs Pilates For Weight Loss was helpful and informative, and that you are able to take the information listed above to find a great workout routine that fits in with your lifestyle.

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