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15 Easy Keto Beef Recipes Done in 20 Minutes

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15 Easy Keto Beef Recipes Done in 20 Minutes

Grass-fed beef is one of the most nutrient-dense proteins you can buy and the best choice for Keto Beef Recipes. It has an extensive micronutrient profile and contains a good amount of brain-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

Still, some skeptics argue that there isn’t a difference between grass-fed and conventional beef.

Below, you’ll learn the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef, seven unique health benefits of grass-fed beef, and where to buy it.

The Difference Between Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished

With the removal of the USDA term, almost any beef product could be labeled grass-fed. Most cattle raised by responsible farms graze in open pastures throughout the warmer months. However, it’s pretty difficult to allow animals to roam freely in the winter when snow covers the ground.

Grass-Fed Beef For The Best Keto Beef Recipes

If you are looking for beef that comes from a cow raised entirely on grass, look for the “grass-finished” label. This will give you the best chance to find the meat you need for your Keto Beef Recipes. These animals graze on grass in the summer and alfalfa in the winter. However, know that this term is also not regulated by the USDA.

Grass-Fed Beefs Extra Weight Loss Boost

Grass-fed beef has a powerful, naturally occurring fatty acid called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is linked to long-term weight management and health. Although synthetic versions of CLA have been a popular weight loss supplement for years, grass-fed beef has much higher CLA levels.

By fine-tuning your Keto Diet eating plan with the addition of grass-fed beef, you will enjoy the added benefits of healthier proteins and a noticeable improvement in weight-loss results.

7 Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef for Keto Beef Recipes

#1 Grass-Fed Beef Has Fewer Calories

“If you eat a typical amount of beef per year, which in the United States is about 67 pounds, switching to grass-fed beef will save you 16,642 calories a year,” says EatWild founder Jo Robinson. This reduction will make your Keto Beef Recipes more productive.

Beef from grass-fed cattle is lower in total fat content because their diet is more natural and clean. Although it would cost approximately $300 more a year, the amount of calories you can save is staggering. You are better off with this lower content for Keto Beef Recipes and gain your fat calories from a healthier choice.

#2 Grass-Fed Beef Helps Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Beef from grass-fed cows contains a certain beneficial fatty acid called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA can help prevent several diseases and conditions like obesity and diabetes. A recent randomized, double-blinded study concluded that 37% of the people who were given CLA demonstrated better insulin sensitivity over those who weren’t given CLA.

Consuming grass-fed beef while following a ketogenic lifestyle can improve blood glucose levels if you’re insulin resistant. Utilizing a low carbohydrate, high-fat ketogenic prevents a rise in blood glucose, which signals the release of insulin (and can eventually lead to insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes).

#3 Grass-Fed Beef Contains Electrolytes

One common issue with people who begin their Keto Beef Recipes lifestyle is the keto flu. This can occur when electrolytes aren’t replenished once they’re flushed out. The three main electrolytes are sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

Fortunately, grass-fed meat has ample amounts of all three essential electrolytes. One grass-fed strip steak contains 732 milligrams of potassium, 49 milligrams of magnesium, and 118 milligrams of sodium.

#4 Grass-Fed Beef Helps Fight Cancer

Grass-fed beef contains roughly twice the amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) compared to beef from grain-fed cows. Most naturally occurring nutrients containing anticarcinogenic properties are derived from plant foods, but CLA is unique because it’s one of the only anticancer nutrients derived from meat.

CLA is considered to be one of the strongest nutrients which can defend against cancer. A study conducted on women who were given high amounts of CLA-rich foods had roughly a 60% lower risk in breast cancer over those who had little to no amounts of CLA in their diet.

#5 Grass-Fed Beef Contains More Healthy Fats for Keto Beef Recipes

Grass-fed beef provides up to six times more omega–3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. Grain-fed beef, on the other hand, contains higher levels of omega–6 fatty acids, which are already eaten in surplus in most standard American diets.

Here are some of the benefits of increased omega–3 consumption:

▸Alleviates Rheumatoid arthritis: Omega–3s are highly effective in decreasing all markers of inflammation.
▸Helps with depression: Researchers have seen an increase in mental well-being by supplementing with omega–3 fatty acids.
▸Helps you focus: Recent studies conducted show omega–3s to be a promising alternative to alleviate attention deficit disorders (ADHD) over stimulant medications.

#6: Grass-Fed Beef Contains Less Bacteria Making Keto Beef Recipes A Healthier Choice

Some studies show that conventional beef is more prone to containing bacteria than grass-fed beef. One of the largest studies conducted by Consumer Reports analyzed 300 packages of ground beef. They found an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), in three of the grain-fed samples and zero in the grass-fed packages.

Additionally, they found 18% of the non-grass-fed beef samples containing superbugs — bacteria that are resistant to more than three types of antibiotics — compared to only 9% of beef samples from grass-fed livestock. This is extremely rare but can lead to food poisoning.

#7: Eating Grass-Fed Beef Can Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease

Clinical evidence concludes a decreased risk of heart disease with increased consumption of CLA, a nutrient abundant in grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef can help improve your heart health by:

▸Antioxidants such as vitamin E
▸High amounts of omega–3 fatty acids
▸Less unhealthy fats
▸Lower amounts of bad cholesterol (known as LDL cholesterol) a marker of cardiovascular disease


1. Keto Cheesy Mexican Taco Skillet

Keto Cheesy Mexican Taco Skillet
This Keto Cheesy Mexican Taco Skillet has is very similar to a recipe I used to make when I was in college and was unknowingly my start into the world of Keto Beef Recipes. There are two distinct differences though, I don’t eat this version with a 2lb bag of tortilla chips, nor a 6 pack of Dos Equis. Nowadays I don’t always eat taco skillets, but when I do…it’s keto.
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2. Beef, Spinach & Mozzarella One-Pot Bake

Beef, Spinach & Mozzarella One-Pot Bake
Nothing says comfort like a good one-pot. This sizzling beef and spinach dish has bags of flavor and with just 20 minutes hands-on cooking time, it’s a great family winner dinner. Works really well as leftovers for lunch the next day too, if it makes it that far! I made this with steak mince but you could also make it with frying steak if you prefer, just make sure you adjust the cooking times accordingly. Top with mozzarella and place in the oven to melt for that stringy cheese treat when you pull your fork out!
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3. Bacon Cabbage Chuck Beef Stew

Bacon Cabbage Chuck Beef Stew
This is a slow cooker the families Keto Beef Recipes that produces a comforting and satisfying meal. The bacon flavors go so well in this dish – just remember to check the seasoning as the bacon and beef bone broth often already provide sufficient saltiness!

We all need comfort sometimes! Spring might be in the air….but it’s still freezing cold air! The sky has been grey all day, but no sign of rain, just that dreary, flat grey, unfriendly sky. I have been outside working all day. We are building a new pond for my beloved ducks; which means lots of rock hauling, stacking, digging in concrete-hard dirt … All very good Primal workouts, sure bound to work up an appetite! After such a grey cold day my body craves meaty, soupy, rich, warming fare: beef stew! The perfect combination to come out of a slow-cooker!
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4. Keto Philly Cheese Steak

Keto Philly Cheese Steak
I think it’s so fun to turn sandwiches into casseroles, don’t you? This is a great way to eliminate the bread and still get a great Keto Beef Recipes for your meal plan. (My most popular one is chicken bacon ranch casserole!) This low carb keto Philly Cheesesteak casserole recipe is just that – the sandwich turned into a comforting casserole. No bread required. Low carb Philly Cheesesteak casserole with cream cheese, ground beef, sauteed peppers, and onions is the classic cheesesteak combo, topped off with a layer of melty provolone cheese. And since it’s ready in 30 minutes, using simple ingredients, it’s easy to whip up last minute on a weeknight.
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5. Keto Meatballs

Keto Meatballs
Extra cheese holds these tender meatballs together perfectly without any type of flour. A breeze to whip up makes these the perfect weeknight dinner for everyone and leaving you plenty of time whip up a Keto Cheesecake for dessert!
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6. Bacon-Wrapped Keto Turkey Meatloaf

Bacon Wrapped Keto Turkey Meatloaf
This Keto Beef Recipe for turkey meatloaf recipe is bound to become a family favorite. Why you may ask? Let’s see … it’s BACON wrapped turkey meatloaf which is always a great starting point. Then it’s topped with sugar-free BBQ sauce (or any kind you like!), giving it sweet, savory, and bacony flavors all at the same time. No dry or boring low carb ground turkey meatloaf here! This may be a bit lighter than beef versions, but it’s still loaded with flavor and is incredibly filling. You’re going to love it!
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7. Hamburger Soup

Hamburger Soup
This hearty hamburger soup is loaded with ground beef, potatoes and an assortment of vegetables, all in a savory broth. The perfect easy dinner option that the whole family will love! This soup starts with the classic base of onions, carrot, and celery. The veggies are sauteed until softened. After your veggies are done, the hamburger goes into the pot to brown. I use a 90% lean ground beef, it’s got plenty of flavors but doesn’t make the soup greasy. If you’re using beef with higher fat content, you’ll want to drain off any excess fat before you move to the next step.

After the meat and veggies are ready, I add tomatoes, tomato sauce, potatoes, beef broth, and herbs to the pot, then bring the whole thing to a simmer. After the potatoes have softened, it’s time to stir in some corn and green beans. Add a sprinkle of parsley, then serve and enjoy!
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8. Keto Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Keto Beef and Broccoli Recipe
I never knew broccoli beef was a Chinese dish until I had it in the US! But now, I love it, and it’s easy to make at home too. Broccoli beef can be ready to serve in just 20 minutes, so this is a quick and easy meal when you are short on time. With the garlic and ginger seasoning, this beef recipe is so yummy and has a real Chinese taste to it. Broccoli can be an earthy vegetable that goes so well with beef and helps to make the meal hearty and healthy!
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9. Queso Keto Taco Soup

Queso Keto Taco Soup
This delicious keto soup recipe tastes more amazing than you can imagine. Queso Keto Taco Soup Recipe is rich, creamy, and packed with tons of bold taco flavor. It reminds me of my favorite queso dip in soup form. You are going to love this and keep it on regular rotation in your low carb meal plan. It is hard to believe that you can eat Keto Beef Recipes that tastes exactly like queso dip and lose weight. I would have never believed it if I hadn’t been experiencing it myself. This East Queso Keto Taco Soup Recipe is a favorite of ours very quickly and has since become one of the most popular recipes I’ve posted. It’s super easy to whip up and tastes even better the second day if you happen to have any leftovers
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10. Keto Ropa Vieja Recipe

Keto Ropa Vieja Recipe
Everything is so much easier in the slow cooker. So, I decided to try making ropa vieja in the slow cooker too! In fact, it’s so easy I’ve already made this dish several times over the past few weeks. I usually get around 3lb of flank steak. I cut the steak into 2-inch slices (cut across the grain). Then pan sear the strips on high heat in a tablespoon of coconut oil. Sear for about 2-3 minutes on each side. This just locks in some of those delicious juices. Save this on your Keto Beef Recipes list of beef recipes to ensure you have lots of meal ideas throughout the year by clicking on the green button below. We’ll email you the PDF immediately. Or scroll through our list to see what tempts you and make it for dinner tonight!

Since this dish is cooked in a slow cooker, you can afford to use slightly cheaper cuts of meat and still have it turn out tender. This recipe is for a shredded beef dish that looks and smells delicious. If you use different peppers such as red and yellow, you can add a slight sweetness and fabulous color to this meal
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11. Keto Beef Stew

Keto Beef Stew
Keto Beef Stew is exactly the type of comfort food I want to eat all winter long! It’s rich, thick, and full of amazing flavor. The best part is…no one will even realize it’s low carb. Keep reading for all my secrets or hit the jump button to go straight to the recipe. This low carb beef stew is so rich and hearty and it’s just bursting with all those classic flavors that you think of when you think of stew.
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12. Keto Crock Pot Roast Beef Recipe

Keto Crock Pot Roast Beef Recipe
A simple low carb crockpot roast beef that slow cooks during the day. Serve it with steamed or mashed cauliflower for a comforting meal.
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13. Keto Lasagna w Zucchini Noodles

Keto Lasagna w Zucchini Noodles
I wouldn’t call my family “different” just weird but we fight over lasagna, and the battle tactics are limitless. Pushing, shoving, words that cut deep, unnecessarily long silent treatment, you name it. I’ve thrown and received countless elbows scrambling to reach the coveted corner piece before my siblings, and cousins get there. That ooey-gooey mozzarella with the golden crisp does crazy things to people. I never even thought of a keto lasagna.
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14. Classic Stuffed Peppers

Classic Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed peppers are a classic. And everyone needs a solid ground beef recipe in their recipe box--like this one. It's probably the most glorious way to eat one's vegetables.
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15. Breakfast Meatloaf (Paleo, Whole30 + Keto)

Breakfast Meatloaf (Paleo, Whole30 + Keto)
You guys should know by now that we are all about meal prep and planning. Basically, that’s the whole point of our Meal Plans. Taking a little extra time over the weekend to make up a batch of this breakfast meatloaf is truly worth it. When you already have a delicious meal waiting for you in the morning, doesn’t that just make life a little easier? We added bacon to this meatloaf to kick it up a notch in flavor. You could really eat this meatloaf any time of day, but with the bacon in it, it really makes it feel like a breakfast meatloaf. We like to make a batch, slice it up, and have it ready in the fridge to reheat in the morning. Our favorite way to eat it is over a bed of greens with an egg on top – simply delicious.
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Help your fellow Keto dieters with comments on the recipes you like the best as well as any changes you made that made them more special for you. Thank you and hope your diet is a success.

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